About Vive

Vive Minerals has refined and perfected the science of isolating the essential inorganic minerals in the right proportions to maximize their bioavailability for natural, effective and beneficial healing properties.

Vive Minerals is a propriety composition of bioavailable inorganic ionic minerals and cationic salts that includes zinc, magnesium, copper and sulfur. Vive has a patent pending method of making inorganic minerals bioavailable, which they are not in their natural state.

The healing properties of these inorganic minerals are far superior to their organic counterparts which are widely available in nutritional supplements. The healing properties of inorganic minerals have been known, but little understood, for thousands of years. Examples include, the thermal minerals baths of the Greek and Roman Empires, Japanese hot mineral baths, German mud baths and soaking in the healing waters of Israel’s Dead Sea. All them have produced observable health benefits, but little is understood as to how they work.

We understand today that nutrients can be absorbed through the skin. Many medications are now transdermal, such as the nicotine patch and hormone therapy. It would make sense that the elements in the mineral rich water would be absorbed through the skin. When the thermal water would generate steam, trace minerals would also be breathed into the lungs delivering them throughout the body.

Bathing today is primarily used for cleansing and, unfortunately most of the water is stripped of its nutrients and treated with chlorine. Much of the food we eat today is grown on farmland that has been depleted of most of its mineral content through decades of over farming. Minerals become organic when plants absorb them through the soil in which they grow. Through this process, the minerals are chelated or bound to organic molecules, such as an amino acid. The chelated form of a mineral means that it is able to be absorbed more readily by humans and is therefore available for the body to use. It is widely thought that humans only need organic minerals because they can be absorbed.

We have found that inorganic minerals, such as those present in rocks, soil and the mineral baths, mentioned above, are needed as well because of their special healing properties. An inorganic mineral is different from an organic mineral because its chemical composition is without carbon.

Vive has refined and perfected the science of isolating these inorganic minerals in the right proportions to maximize their bioavailable effectiveness and beneficial healing properties.