About Vive


Vive Minerals is a “patented” natural nutraceutical solution made up of inorganic cationic minerals designed to kill various anaerobic infection populations present in the body including Lyme disease. Each ingredient in Vive Minerals is a micronutrient required by every cell in the body for which many people with chronic illnesses are deficient.  It is also an anti-inflammatory that will help boost the immune system in bringing the body back into better health and balance while fighting infections.


Vive Minerals is composed of the “inorganic” cationic form of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, and Sulphur.  This special proprietary cationic mineral composition provides mineral elements the body normally uses to defend against infection. These mineral elements are in many instances deficient in supply in the body due to the typical modern diet and from mineral depletion in soils of today.


This “inorganic” cationic mineral formulation is extremely potent as it is ionically positively charged and is attracted to the negatively charged infectious micro-organisms.  The minerals are polarized to seek the infectious micro-organisms out to destroy them.  Vive Minerals are far more potent than the minerals sold in supplements.  The process to manufacture them is a trade secret, extremely complex and very time consuming as “Inorganic” minerals come directly from rocks and soil.  Whereas organic minerals come from plants.



Vive Minerals is a proprietary combination of natural “inorganic” compounded cationic minerals that possess inherently antimicrobial properties. It has natural bactericidal, myco bactericidal, and virucidal properties.  The mean diameter of a Vive Mineral’s molecule is 260 pica meters. An antibiotic molecule size typically has a mean diameter of 50 to 100 times bigger than that of Vive Minerals. And, consequently, because the molecule of Vive Minerals is so tiny, it is capable of far greater absorption, permeation, and diffusion throughout all parts of the entire body.  It can be absorbed directly into cells.  Antibiotic molecules are too large to enter cells.  Additionally, because Vive Minerals are natural and composed of minerals which every cell in the body requires; the formulation is allowed to pass through the blood/brain barrier to fight infections in the brain.  Other treatment options or pharmaceuticals cannot reach the brain because the body systems prohibit them from crossing the blood/brain barrier.  Lyme spirochetes many times reside in the brain and need to be reached in the brain to be eliminated. 


In its cationic state, Vive Minerals is polarly attracted to and penetrates infectious micro-organisms in a relatively short amount of time, disrupting proteins and nucleic acid structures selectively. This action produces a lethal effect on harmful micro-organisms, such as spirochetes and co-infections. Vive Minerals connect with their ligand structure and releases enough cationic mineral micronutrients needed to destroy the infections.



The ingredients in Vive Minerals are generally regarded as safe, or GRAS (a term used by the FDA and EPA). The FDA and EPA have extensively studied everything that is in Vive Minerals and have found them to be benign and low in toxicity. The formula contains a proprietary blend of the “inorganic” minerals Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Sulphur. Thus, Vive Minerals are all natural and can be classified as a nutraceutical and are not considered a pharmaceutical.